Shahdag is the largest ski resort in Azerbaijan. It is located in the Caucasus Mountains, namely at the foot of the mountain Shahdag, one of the peaks of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The climatic conditions in this area are ideal for winter sports and eco-tourism in the summer, so the Shahdag mountain zone is quite crowded throughout the year. According to visitors, in the winter time, the air here is charming – it is fresh and saturated with oxygen. It is ideal weather conditions that add to the resort even more popularity. Ski resort “Shahdag” has excellent technical equipment, modern and equipped trails, as well as entertainment infrastructure, which is so essential for an enjoyable holiday. Construction of the Shahdag ski complex started in 2011. After two years, the sports complex had already received its first visitors.

Trails and lifts in Shahdag

The height of the mountain Shahdag, which serves as the basis of the ski resort, is 4,285 meters. On this mountain, there are 19 kilometers of tracks for visitors to the Shahdag resort. As in many ski resorts, the complexity of the slopes can be distinguished by color: green, blue, red and black.

The four tracks of the complex are designed specifically for professional skiers – here are both obstacles and steep serpentines. These tracks are marked in red. The 5 trails of the Shahdag resort have an average level of difficulty – they do not require special skills to ride them. The other 5 trails of the resort are designed specifically for beginner skiers and children. These tracks are painted green. The maximum elevation difference of the resort is 600 meters.

 At the top of the slope of the resort, visitors are lifts. At the same time, 11 cableways are operating immediately – chairlifts and drag roads. For children who use the training route, there is a unique method of lifting – equipped track.

The Shahdag ski resort is a new project, so artificial snow generators are working here to maintain the quality of the slopes. For the convenience of visitors, there is a specialized sports shop, where you can buy equipment, as well as a ski school, where you can take group or individual lessons in skiing or snowboarding.

Entertainment and additional services in Shahdag

The Shahdag ski resort in Azerbaijan is very ambitious, so the resort’s entertainment base can pleasantly surprise and delight. There are about ten restaurants on the territory of the ski resort. Each of them offers a varied menu of dishes from local cuisine, as well as polite and courteous staff. There are also several SPA centers focused on visitors that would like to relax not only with their soul but also with their body.  In each of the spa salons, guests can offer dozens of programs for body care, massage, relaxing baths, as well as many other services.

On the territory of the ski complex is an entertainment center. It has a lot of children’s rooms, an adventure park for little visitors, and also leisure for adults – paintball, trap shooting, and a skating rink.

Visitors are also offered comfortable accommodation on the territory of the Shahdag ski complex. At least 5 hotels are ready to accept tourists and offer them spacious rooms – modest and small rooms or luxury apartments. Also, close to the Shahdag complex in Azerbaijan are guest houses for companies or couples. Their list can be found on the official website of the entertainment complex. You can also look at other accommodation in the vicinity of the resort – there are many offers for tourists.

Webcam ski complex “Shahdag.”

If reading the visitors’ comments about the resort did not bring confidence to choose, it is worth watching the online broadcast from the Shahdag ski resort. On the territory of the sports complex, several webcams allow you to get acquainted with the scale of the complex and its work online. In this way, it is easiest to evaluate any resort and choose the best among them.

How to get there

The Shahdag ski resort is located in Azerbaijan on the territory of the Shahdag national park. The distance from Baku to the resort is only 3 hours (180 kilometers). You can overcome it with the help of the tourist shuttle or bus. 

Hotels in Shahdag

The complex includes 5 hotels:

Zirve Hotel (86 beds) – located on the plain at the foot of the mountain. There are ski slopes.

Gaya Residence (62 seats) – is on the rise uphill. Nearby is a mini-power station.

These hotels are located on the same site at the top of the mountain. There are also ski trails.

Shahdag Hotel & Spa (346 beds)

Pik Palace (334 seats)

Park Chalet (328 seats)

Restaurants and Cafes in Shahdag

Each hotel has its cafe with hot drinks and sandwiches and an upscale restaurant.

Prices are slightly higher than in Baku. If you wish, you can make an order right in the room.

During the season, due to a large number of guests and the small number of places in restaurants, there are often no free tables, so if you want to dine at the restaurant in the evening, be sure to reserve a table in advance.

In some restaurants there is live music and show programs – ask more about this when booking tickets.


You can not come to this resort and do not go skiing.

First of all, you need to rent skis and equipment. It is more convenient to do this on the ground floor of the hotel “Shahdag” or in the hotel “Zirve.”

In no case do not take the ski in the hotel “Pik Palace,” there are low high prices.  Skis, boots and ski poles are rented separately. If you want to rent a helmet, knee-pads and ski goggles, and I strongly advise you to do this for beginners, you will have to pay extra.

On the first floor of the hotel “Shahdag,” you can hire an instructor who, for 50 manats, will teach to ride, brake, and turn correctly. You will also need to purchase a Ski Pass for 16 manats, which will allow you to use the lifts.

On the first day, it is better not to look at the two-meter trails at all, but to spend two hours skiing on the “children’s” hill and only then choose the slopes more abruptly and just enjoy the fresh mountain air.

It is also possible to come to the “Shahdag” complex in the summer, but this is an entirely different story.