Qobustan tour


The tour’s planned duration is 6 hours.

Entrance to the open-air historical and arts reserve «Qobustan» in order to observe the rock paintings and the site of ancient humans of Neolithic Era. Qobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape was put on UNESCO World Heritage List on the 31st Session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee which was held in Christchurch city in New Zealand from June 23 through July 2, 2007.

Tour Program

– Old oil industry and ancient heathen temple in Bibiheibet area

– Observation of sea oil platforms in the Caspian Sea

– Rock paintings, inscriptions and pictograms close to Boyukdash mountain

– On the reserve territory at the foot of Boyukdash mountain there is a rock with a Latin inscription dated back to the 1st century AD, between years 84 and 96. It was left by Emperor Domitian’s Roman legion known as «Fulminata» (armed with lightning) and evidenced the stay of the Twelfth “Lightning” Legion in this area in the 1st century AD.

– Visit to the heathen «Pir Qara-Atli» sanctuary near Kichik Dash mountain

– Getting to know the manifestations of mud volcanism on Dashgil mountain

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